Friday, May 23, 2008


I took a vacation day today. Four day weekend hooray. Ambled around the ard in the rain and got some good shots. For sure I won't shrink or melt.

Looking south into the yard. Pink and purple azaleas just coming on. Winther heather that's finished blooming for the season. Blue oat grass and andromedas.

There's a skinny little rhodie on the side yard that pours everything into the blossoms. They are extravagent, aren't they?

Looking east through a wild azalea towards red and purples rhodies. The wild azalea came with the house. We've cut it back once. The colors were so bright today, in spite of the rain and clouds.

And the irises don't seem to mind the rain. It's been awhile since I hauled out Photoshop to dress my shots up a bit.


toonguykc said...

Love the pink rhodie -- and the easy-to-spell nickname!  ;)


dsonney01 said...

So beautiful...alas, it has snowed here and I am afraid everything has been much for suny California! Dannelle