Sunday, February 26, 2012


Almost all the far right candidates claim to support a smaller government. At the same time they support measures to control women’s health care and reproductive rights, while keeping women out of the discussion. At the same time too many of them want to control who marries who, even though most of us still haven’t figured out how couple A’s marriage has anything to do with couple B’s. We finally got past don't ask don't tell in the military. Every excuse in the world had been used to undermine the authority of the president, except the obvious one. He’s black.

I believe I may have finally figured out the real problem. Deep down in the darkest corner of their minds where the light never shines the WASPs and WASP wannabes truly believe that they are the only full citizens of this country. Women, minorities, gays, non Christians, or non conforming Christians are not full citizens and may not even be fully human in their eyes. So they can, with a straight face and clear conscience (in their opinion) claim that they are for smaller government, for them; while mandating intrusive government and limited rights for others. As for all the rest of us? From now on, if I don't have input on any law then frankly, I don’t feel bound by them.

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