Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Rick Santorum is first generation immigrant on his dad's side, bringing with him a Catholicism that hasn’t really had to learn to get along and play nice with others. The godfather of the Christian reconstruc¬tion movement, R J Rushdooney was an Armenian immigrant. And he spent most of life trying to convince people that democracy is a heresy and we need to return to the Old Testament way of running the country.

I never much cared where the president’s parents were born, this whole birther schtick is just poorly disguised racism anyway. And there’s only so much a president can do. The current congress has been doing a bang up job proving that. Plague take their miserable, narrow minded, disruptive, small government except where the bedroom is concerned, souls anyway.

I'm rapidly coming to believe that your family should have to invest at least a couple of generation¬s into the country before you can start telling us how we got it all wrong. I've traced most of my family back to seventeent¬h century New England, Pennsylvan¬ia, New Jersey, Virginia and Delaware. All those folks who braved the Atlantic in sailing ships that would fit in my front yard and part of the neighbors must have gotten SOMETHING right.” We didn't always get along, we didn't agree on everything, but we managed to hammer something out that worked fairly well for nearly two centuries. Maybe we did it by pasting over the cracks that should have been addressed a long time ago. Too bad the cracks have turned into chasms the size of the Grand Canyon.

In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined a politician like Rick Santorum getting within a hundred miles of even being considered for nomination as president. The public attitude towards the women in this country is, frankly, shocking. I thought we left Kinder, Kuche, Kirche back in Nazi Germany. To see that hydra's head over the horizon in this country is making me very, very angry.

As the title of this post suggests I passed ticked off about two miles back, passed pissed off about a mile back, I'm coming up on royally pissed off, heading for JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, and looking for my broom because it's long past time to clean house.


Lisa :-] said...

You are starting to sound a little bit like a DAR snob, my friend! ;) My grandparents on my mother's side came from Hungary/Romania in the first decade of the 20th century. AND they were Catholic. Please don't tell me I'm not "American" enough to know/care/worry about the direction in which this country is headed... It's not the baggage you bring with you that matters; it's what you do with it after you get here that counts.

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