Monday, February 27, 2012


Posted on Huffington Post by a commenter with the screen name of Outlandish.


CIVIL LIBERTIES, n. Unnecessary privileges that you aren't afraid of
losing unless you are a God-hating,, elitist liberal who
loves Terrorists more than your own safety.

CLIMATE CHANGE, n. Global warming, without that annoying suggestion that
something is wrong.

DEMOCRATIC ALLY, n. Any democracy, monarchy, plutocracy, oligarchy or
dictatorship--no matter how ruthless--that verbally supports American
diplomatic and economic goals.

DEREGULATE, v. To pursue greed and exploitation with a straight face.

1. Recession;
2. Rising unemployment;
3. Minimum-wage freeze
4. One of the many reasons for tax breaks for the rich.

FAITH-BASED INITIATIVE, n. Christian Right Payoff for being on the side of corporations over people.

FAMILY VALUES, n. Oppression of women and something to be practiced by others.

FOX NEWS, n. Republican Press Office.

MODERNIZE, v. To do away with, as in modernizing Social Security, labor
laws, etc.

OBSTRUCTIONIST, n. Any elected representative who dares to question
Republican radicals on the issue of the day when they are in power.
Not a Republican protecting the rights of corporate citizens when they aren't.

OWNERSHIP SOCIETY, n. A society in which Republican donors own the rest
of us

PRIVATIZE, v. To steal the resources of the national community and give
them to private business.

SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP, n. Any members of society that the Republicans want to disenfranchise
And if anyone can think of items to add to the list, let me know.


Curtis said...

Pretty good stuff for the most part.
Sadly, most of it applies almost equally as well to the (D)'s. Took me many years to recognize our one-party system for what it is though. And I played the Blue team Red team game for far too long (as a Blue team player - i.e. Democrat).
Divide and conquer is the name of the game my friend. And it works quite well, unfortunately. We have much much more in common with our right-wing friends and neighbors than we do with our left-wing "leaders" in Washington.

Enjoyed some reads in your blog, nice writing!

Just to be clear btw, I do agree with you concerning most of your writing about the Red Team losers. But taking a critical look at the Blue Team also helps keep everyone in check.

If we all held our own parties more accountable we would all have a lot less troubles. The current practice is just ignore everything if your guy is in power and scream at the top of your lungs about everything if the other folks are in power.

It was startling and depressing to watch all my friends and allies of the Bush years turn into spineless apologists for government abuse as soon as Obama got in power. Crazy. And Repubs do the same thing but in reverse, of course. The end result of this is nobody is held accountable at all, and we get the broken government we have.


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