Sunday, February 26, 2012


I have a modest proposal, and yes I know what Dean Swift wrote about in his essay with the same name.

We, the female citizens of the United States will submit to your invasive trans vaginal ultrasounds on one condition. Every male member of any legislature who votes yes on any bill that remotely authorizes this procedure and the governor who signs it into law must submit to a weekly prostate exam, in the legislative chamber, in public, cameras running, wearing only a sheet. Let's see what these middle aged and senior citizen Ceasar wanna be's look like without their power suits.

Do I hear a yes? I'm waaaaaaaaiting.


Anonymous said...

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Lisa :-] said...

It's very telling that they don't want to require just any old ultrasound (the abdominal type was used for years before someone decided that vaginal ultrasounds were better.) I'm sure someone will claim that the trans-vaginal ones produce better images of a fetus in the early stages of pregnancy... But I'm dead certain that it's more than a little about the degrading violation of a woman's body. "Do something of which we don't approve and we are going to make sure the experience is as unpleasant as we can possibly make it." I'll never understand what makes men think they have the right to assert this kind of "power."

JACKIE said...

Cain't let them wimmin git too uppity. Next thing ya know they'll be a thinkin' they kin run fer prezydint er sum uther durn thing they ain't fit fer.

See earlier posting. Everybody but white men of property are second class citizens in their eyes. Not even sure we're fully human. If we can't get the prostate exam I'll settle for a knee to the groin.