Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Sis has found a wonderful man. He won't replace Rick, but she's too darn young to spend the rest of her life alone. ANYWAY, they wanted some kid pics to do a slideshow for the wedding. In the photo album I found a copy of this poem. She probably wrote it for a lit class, who knows when. 

Dad was a logger, he was usually out and gone by the time we got up in the morning. One day, it seems, she was up early and got to spend some special time with dad. 

I remember one morning, I was four or five
And I sat upon your knee.

You were dressed for work n your hickory shirt,
When I sat upon your knee.

I was up too early, but you let me stay,
So I sat upon your knee.

Mom cooked for you, it smelled so good,
While I sat upon your knee.

Your salt & pepper beard felt both soft and rough,
As I sat upon your knee.

Too soon you left, I wished you would stay,
So I could stay upon your knee.

I felt so safe, your arms so strong,
Your lap so warm, your smile so kind,
As I sat upon your knee.

At times I wish I could climb in your lap for good,
To sit upon your knee.

Your daughter Roberta

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