Wednesday, March 6, 2013


From NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day website. Taken with a fixed tripod, the star with no streaks is the North Star. The colors have been enhanced to show the beautiful rock stratas by early moonlight. The age of the rocks range from about 200 million years old at the top to almost 2 billion years old at the bottom.   In Scots Gaelic one of the words for Creator is Cruithear; "the one who harps." That harper was doing a fantastic job that day when this song was composed. 


Lisa :-] said...

I have been to the Grand Canyon, and I hope to go back one day (maybe this fall...) It is one of those places to which photographs do not do justice. It takes your breath away.

JACKIE said...

I can believe it. No photo or film can give you an idea of the sheer size. Somewhere down there, there's a river. But, I did think that the canyon and the star scape were pretty darn magnificent.

Junaid Walayat said...

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