Saturday, March 2, 2013


Celtic mythology is based on the Oran Mor, the Great Song. Where the Bible has the Creative Word. For Ekhart every creature is a Word of God.  For the Celts it's The Song. Each fish, bird, caterpillar, butterfly, tree is one song in the greater song. It's as if Creation were the score for an infinite symphony. Only instead of parts for flutes or oboes or trumpets; the parts are for winds or storms or seas or dolphins or mountains or stars or the earth itself into infinity.

Eternal Quiet
Not even the sound of the restless, stirring, dark waters could be heard.

A great spiraling strain of Melody moved across the endless waters.
Subdued at first,
Then quickly gathering momentum until it reached a great crescendo.
And, then…
There was Life!

But the Melody did not stop.
It continued its song,
Filling all of Creation with its divine harmony.
And so it continues today,
For all those who listen.

From the Oran Mor: A Song for a Fragmented World by Frank A Mills. If the Creator stops singing the song, Creation may end. 

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