Friday, July 19, 2013


A time out from politics, theology and indignation righteous or otherwise. There have been some big changes in the family in the last three years. Sis’s husband, a much loved brother, brother in law, father and uncle died suddenly three years ago. Last year sis met a great guy and they tied the knot this spring. Ironically the date they chose was mom and dad’s anniversary date. They live in eastern Oregon so we don’t get to see them very often but she’s happy and that’s what matters.

Her oldest son, who is also the oldest nephew was married two years ago this month. My new niece is a wonderful gal who is also an elementary school teacher. The duo popped in on the way to Medford about three weeks ago. I’m a great aunt. I just don’t get to meet the kid until oh say, next February. Nephew number one also works for the school district and is starting class work to get certification as a principle and she just finished her masters. Oh, and the cliché is true. Expectant mothers do glow. So do fathers.

Little sister’s middle son, AKA nephew number four, was married last summer. New niece graduated this spring and he will finish up next winter. Wants to be a social worker working with troubled kids. She’s looking at grad schools. May end up in Tennessee for a couple of years.

Now we come to nephew number three. He’s getting married next month. Again, we’re adding a bright, wonderful young lady to the family. They’re both out of school and here’s where it gets fun. She’s half Japanese and they’re working to get certification so they can go to Japan and teach English for a year or two while they sort out grad school options.

Ironically one of my other new nieces is half Indonesian. The family tree is really starting to look very, very interesting. So help me I’m going to get one of those color it in maps. My late brother in law's grand dad was full Norwegian. Add in the British Isles/Celtic side of the family and Aria's Japanese heritage...the kids will be typical Americans. 

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