Saturday, July 20, 2013


Lucky 1997?-July 20, 2013 RIP

Like most of the animals in our lives, Lucky came by accident. A co worker had taken in a pregnant kitty, had found homes for the kittens and the mom needed her forever home too. She rode home in a cardboard carrier, howling like a banshee all the way. The faster I drove the louder she hollered. Rena had called her Lucky and it stuck. She was never very tall, round but not tall. But, she had size where it counted. And up until a couple of days ago she could gig everybody else. Including Bandit, the twenty odd pound behemoth.

Funny, once you find the guts to ask “what’s best for-----“ the answer comes easily. This morning a very kind and caring vet staff eased her out of this life and into whatever lies o the other side. Whether it’s the Rainbow Bridge, heaven for cats and dogs or reincarnation I’m thankful she shared our lives.

She loved short hair. She went through a couple of years where she'd perch on the back of the recliners and "love" our hair. She also loved to whack me over the head with her tail. Twelve pounds of feline attitude with a labrador retriever's tail.

She was shadow of herself when we finally asked that important question. As I said. Once you answer that question the rest follows by itself.


Anonymous said...

Heaven - A place that all the animals you have loved greet you when you arrive. Shortly after my mom passed, I awakened to see she and my dad very young and dancing in my bedroom. After watching them and smiling with happiness, my little poodle I had for 17 years came over to my bed. I reached for her but she backed away and wouldn't let me touch her. "I know they were in Heaven"!!!

Lisa :-] said...

She shared a wonderful, loving home with two sweet people. You will miss her! So sorry, my friend!