Friday, July 26, 2013


President Eisenhower was a rarity. Perhaps he was rare because he wasn’t really a politician he was a general out of uniform. A general who wasn’t afraid to fire officers who couldn’t cut it, spoke out of turn, tried to run battles from seventy miles in the rear. If he had issued orders as mealy mouthed and inaccurate as what’s coming out of DC and many state capitals these days the Allies would have invaded Ireland instead of Normandy. 

And what’s really scary is that nearly sixty years have passed and nothing has changed. Except that big business doesn’t want to end farm subsidies. They have too much to lose while we grow so much corn we can make sugar out of it, so many soy beans they’re used to make almost anything except food.

I wonder what the old general would think of the idea of patenting living things. 

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