Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The opinions of the following rant are solely the product of the PO’d owner of this blog. And was inspired by this post over at Coming to Terms. And Lisa, I don't discount that there may be more to how you're feeling than the totally f'd up political, social and economic problems we're facing. And you don't have to go through this alone. I know I'm over a hundred miles away. But I do care and I think about you a lot. Yeah, and I have a crappy way of showing it. 

I wrote some pretty good stuff pre 2008 too. Face it George W Bush and the rest of the gang were a gift that just kept giving. How were we to know that the “shrub” and his retinue were the high points of the decade? Granted their “high” was still pathetically low.

2008. The economy was slowing, but we didn’t realize that it was a train heading down hill with no brakes and the bridge over the gorge was out. There was this new guy running for president who seemed pretty promising. Granted he was less pigmentally challenged than the other candidate. And what a gift the Republican VP candidate was. I mean I’m still trying to decipher her abdication speech when she morphed into a half term governor from Alaska.

What we didn’t realize at the time is that an entire group of our fellow citizens would rather drag the country over that broken bridge into the gorge than see a black man in the White House. At least one who could go through the front door instead of the servant’s entrance at the back. Politicians who were for something until the president was for it and then they were ready to fight tooth and nail to defeat. That their definition of bipartisanship wasn’t working together, each side giving up something to reach a common goal. No. It turned out to be our way or else.

And there was the whole “birther” schtick. And on the way we discovered that there were fellow citizens who not only questioned the president’s right to be president. Not because of where he was born, but because of his race. They even questioned whether women had the right to vote simply because we were women and we weren't mentioned in the body of the constitution. Neither were men, now that I think about it. Except for outlining the qualifications for congress and the presidency there's no mention of men or women out all. Doesn't even specify that the candidates have to be male now that I think about it. 

Then the run up to last year’s election and candidates falling all over each other trying to define what a “real” rape was. Trying to shrink government until it could be fitted into a woman’s uterus. There’s a diaphragm for ya’. Looking at the crop of potential candidates Bush II suddenly looked like a Rhodes scholar. The race to the bottom produced Romneybot and the man fondly known to many as Lyin’ Ryan. One tried to be all things to all people and ended up being nothing to anyone. He had so little influence he couldn’t get his wife to slow down on the “we’ve given you people all you need to know” rhetoric. He couldn’t get the fundie/bagger candidates to stow the rape comments until after the election. And he couldn’t even get his former company to hold off on shipping over one hundred and sixty jobs to China. Before the election.

Then there was the precious VP candidate whose whole theory of economics and society seems to be based on two crappy novels by a Russian émigré atheist. Honestly, I tried to read Atlas Shrugged. When I was a high school senior. I tried twice. It didn’t take me long to realize that the characters were cardboard cutouts. About as real as Romneybot. Then I grew up. And apparently the politician who wants to wean the rest of us off the government teat has, shall we say, grown if not fat but happy on the programs he wants to eliminate for the rest of us.

With apologies to the movie 1776 is that the odor of high pock racy flowing from more than one direction?

What’s not to love about this scenario? It’s enough to depress an extraordinarily cheerful hyena. 

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