Tuesday, August 6, 2013


There has been a series of letters in the local paper the last couple of weeks defending Fox News. There’s the usual bill of bad fare.

You have to hear both sides.

It’s only fair to give them a say too.

Fox is more honest than the main stream media.

And my favorite this morning chastising Pelosi for wanting to bring back the so called Fairness Doctrine. Dead and buried this last ten years at least.

Then there’s this piece of bull shit today. I’m sorry if my speech is getting a little salty these days. Actually I'm not sorry. Too much politeness has helped get us in this mess. I’m on the north side of sixty. I’m seeing crap happening that I honestly believed we’d settled two generations back. Racism, misogyny, greed, bigotry and general hatred are all rearing their ugly heads and stations like Fox give them an outlet. I’ve got a great niece or nephew in the pipeline. What we do now will build the world that child will inherit. It has to be better than this or why the hell are we here.

And consider this. Have you seen any letters or blog entries from folks who watch CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, or the BBC defending their choice of news source? No we haven’t. And that speaks volumes.

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Lisa :-] said...

These are the same assholes who will scream bloody murder if a terrorist attack happens anywhere in the world and blame it on the president's lack of preparedness. It doesn't matter what happens. Obama's gonna hang for it. But for my money, I believe it best to err on the side of caution, if an error indeed exists...