Monday, August 12, 2013


I spotted this yesterday, but frankly I didn't want to contaminate the happy day posting for the wedding with this bullshit.

The Nutsy Fagins are at it again. This time it’s prairie dog hunt at least partially sponsored by a gun shop. Ten day span. Whoever brings in the most little tails wins a gun. To the critics, answers include “well there are plenty of prairie dogs.”

Once upon a time there were plenty of whales, dodos, certain kinds of sea turtles, Pacific salmon, passenger pigeons, Eastern woods bison, prairie bison and wolves. Just to name a few species.

I had a friend in college; her dad filled his deer and elk tags every year. Meat went into the freezer for winter. Then he went stalking. Didn’t take a gun; just tried to get as close as possible to the critters before they knew he was there. He was very good at it. It would take a lot more skill to take a camera and see how close you could get to the prairie dogs before they spotted you and popped down their holes.

Oh, and the excuse given for slaughtering critters you probably wouldn’t eat unless you were totally starving? “People are trying to take our guns away and hunting is an avenue for them to do it,” said a spokesman. I’m not sure if he’s the guy that owns the gunshop sponsoring the event or not.

“They’re coming for our guns!!!!! They’re coming for our guns!!!!!” Have any of these twits thought through what it would take to confiscate every gun in this country. I’m betting that at least a quarter of them are like the 22 that belonged to my grand dad. We had it reconditioned and it went to his oldest great grandson on his twelfth birthday. With his parents permission. I think it’s living in the gun safe at his moms these days.

Just keep pushing guys. You’re right up there with certain in your face evangelicals that cry persecution every time anyone pushes back while som ewhere, some when the Maker of All Things including prairie dogs weeps.

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