Friday, August 2, 2013


There’s an “if we just say the right words, everything will be all right attitude.” I’d say it was simplistic, but that doesn’t seem to fit. A certain group seems to treat prayers as if they were magic spells, but that doesn’t seem quite right either. After all an honest spell caster deserves respect because he or she honestly believes in what they do.

I’m not really sure what this group of so called christians believes in, and the small c is deliberate. It seems to shift with the winds. I do know that their supreme being comes with a small “g” and deserves all the respect from me that they grant him/her themselves. Which is mighty little.

Yes, my curmudgeon side is rearing its head again. I have a great niece or nephew in the pipeline. So to speak. Yep, oldest nephew got married two years ago July and they're starting their family.  She or he is due in February. And frankly, if you (the you out there) not the people I know and count as friends aren’t working to build a world fit for a human being to live in; well I’ve quit being polite. In fact I’m getting down right testy.

The Lakota saying was never truer. We don’t own the earth, we’re borrowing it from out children. The rent on the notes is coming due and the bill is a whopper. 

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