Friday, August 23, 2013


It'll be a year come September 1 when my sister called from my nephew's apartment. His dad took out the recycling and came back this little scrap of fluff. Over next couple of days we revised the possible age down. Damn, she couldn't have been more than two weeks old. And I suspect she was probably dumped because she was a female. Assholes.

Maybe a week later. Tiny but very, very determined.  With a towel on top we started using the laundry basket as a playpen. I think it took her less than a day to figure out how to climb up the side and get through the towel. I was giving Bandit her early morning snack and putting out something for Smokey and here came the little, black fluffball trucking through the kitchen. Couldn't walk and sneeze at the same time. I doubled the number of clothespins. It slowed her down for oh, about two weeks.

Compare the size of the kitten to the size of the steps and you get an idea of how scrappy this little girl was and still is. The hand holds came in real handy to get to the top. When we turned the basket over she just put her chin in the hand hold and started pushing.

A rare still shot of the perpetual motion cat. I believe the cushion is about 14/16 inches square so you get an idea of the size of the full grown scrap of fur. She's maybe a third the size of Smoky. But she's got long legs and a long (very handy at times tail). And no, I"m not shy about using any advantage I can get. She's still a very determined, sassy golden eyed girl. If she weighs ten pounds I'd be very surprised. But there's about thiryty pounds of attitude tucked into that small package.

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