Wednesday, August 14, 2013


I’ve watched the hydra headed monster of racism crawl out from under the rocks these last few months in this country and I look at three wonderful, bright, beautiful young women and wonder what would happen to them, their children and their husbands if we ever found the real die hard racists in control.

Me? I look at them and I can't wait to start adding to that old family tree. I've managed to trace one branch back to second century Armenia. Now I may have the other half of the world to play with. Oh, and I have a cousin who married a guy from New Zealand. I wonder how Maori would mix with Scots/Irish, English, Welsh and Spanish. Come on gals, I'm waitin' up here. Anyway here goes.

You see C’s father came from Indonesia so she’s half Pacific Islander. Too bad there are some people who wouldn’t look past her slightly exotic appearance to discover that she’s even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. C graduated from a private Christian college this year. She played varsity volleyball and she’ll be coaching volleyball at a local high school this year while my nephew finishes his class work and football career at the U of O. Then they’ll figure out where to go for grad school. She’s in exercise science and coaching. He wants to be a social worker with troubled kids. Won’t get rich but you can’t outsource foster care to Mumbai. At least I don’t believe they’ve figured out how to do that. Yet. And what a combo they'll make when they have kids. My BIL gets most of his heritage from England and the Baltic.

A just married into the family. She and my nephew both attended Concordia in Portland. It’s a Lutheran school. I’m not sure but I think they met on the practice field. They both threw the javelin. And they both went to the nationals more than once. Yeah, my new niece knows what to do with pointy sticks. If I’m right she could be described with the pre WWII term Nisei. Her father is Japanese. Again there are some who wouldn’t look past her slightly exotic appearance to learn to know that wonderful, beautiful young woman. Their kids. This nephew has a healthy helping of Norwegian from his dad's side of the family.

And there are some who would even frown at the other new A in the family. She a brown eyed brunette with a slight oriental caste to her smiling eyes. Arrrrrgh! My nephew hadn’t asked her yet be she had me when we had to make the trip after my brother in law died suddenly about three years ago. She was so wonderful my mom and my BIL’s mom. She was fantastic during those sad days and I couldn’t help thinking “kid if you do not propose to this gal you are even crazier than you sometimes appear.” He got the message. And she’s done everything she could and can to welcome the two newbies into our family.

Don’t be afraid to look beyond the obvious. You just might be surprised at what you find. And I can’t wait to start amending the family tree.

Oh, and did I mention that the oldest nephew and his wife are expecting. The new branchlet is due next February. Now I gotta get the guys in.

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