Friday, August 9, 2013


This is a prime example of why the country has gone to hell in a handbasket. Back in the much maligned days of the back room politicians candidates were vetted to see if they even qualified for dog catcher before they were allowed to run with the big dogs. I applaud the man for taking over the family plumbing business at the age of twenty and making a success of it.

Sorry but IMNHO that and an associates degree in applied science does not qualify him for higher office. He might get by in the state legislature but it would be a stretch. Tuesday morning Midge has an appointment to get her outlook on life changed. I didn't call a plumber I called the vet. When my sink leaks I don't Cascade Animal Hospital I call Petersen's Plumbing.

We've allowed the fiction to flourish, and it's been around from the beginning, that just anybody can run the country's business. You know what happens when we try that. When these twits don't know what they're doing they call an "expert." These "experts" are also known as lobbyists. Most lobbyists do not have the best interests of the country at the top of their list. Their A list consistis of the coporations, mega businesses and folks like the Koch brothers who pay their fees.

Oh, and this representative has been in office for just about eight months. He's part of tthe 2013 crop. Back in the day freshmen didn't even open their pie holes until they'd been reelected at least once. This ranks up with a wet behind the ears freshman graduate of either a homeschool program or the equivalent of The Gateway Christian Academy on the other side of town getting up Bio 101 and telling the instructor with the masters or the PHd that he doesn't know what he/she is talking about because it doesn't follow the Bible. And no, not all those stories are urban legends.

And yes, I have seen the workbooks that show Adam and Eve and the dinosaurs. It's been a few years but there it was in all its glory in the Christian book store. Told mom and sis I'd be waiting in the car for them to get their Christmas fixin's. It was that or blow my cork right there in the store.

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