Thursday, August 22, 2013


I guess I'll get back to commenting on Wendell Berry later rather than sooner. Ran across this piece of stuff and nonsense this morning. Granted the examples they give are on the extreme side and they are from the workplace, really this could be anywhere USA. But it reminded me of set of stories that were in the Oregonian oh maybe twenty years ago.

A few of the details are little hazy so bear with me. I believe it was in the Sandy Boulevard area. Anyway it's a mixed use neighborhood; apartments, small businesses and some followers of the world's oldest profession. THEY weren't the problem. It was the potential customers who approached women who lived or worked in the neighborhood while they were going about their business and wouldn't take NO for an answer. Some of the stories the women told actually bordered on the ridiculous. Some of these guys acted as if any woman who was propositioned by them would be flattered by the fact and got really bent out of shape when they were turned down.

I forget how those stories played out. The "working girls" were probably encouraged to take their business elsewhere when they were only half the problem.

We hear a lot about personal responsibility. Especially from white politicians and pundits and it's usually aimed at poor women, the unemployed and children don't have a choice in what their families do. Funny it's always somebody else's personal responsibility they're worried about. And considering the number of politicians who've been caught with their pants "down" so to speak including the latest story coming out of California here's a novel idea.

Instead of the litany of BS we've been hearing for years, but most especially the last two or three, let's try something new and novel. Guys keep your eyes up, face forward and take responsibility for YOUR actions instead of trying to lay it off on someone else. Frankly, I doubt that your female neighbors, coworkers or the Jane Does you spot on the way to wherever you're going are planning on investing in burquas or veils anytime soon. Remember NO means NO, not maybe or I'll think about it, or maybe tomorrow, or when I get in the mood. It means NO. Learn to live with it.

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