Thursday, March 6, 2014


Well, getting this entry in has been a study in almost futility. About seventeen feet tall and about two tons of structural steel, in the accidental shape of a cross. It offered some comfort to the responders in those long months as they worked their way through the "pile" as it came to be known. What else should they have called it? Archaeological site? Graveyard? And apparently a few are still dying every year from the exposure to the dust and chemicals at the site. The ones that still live and are healthy are hard put to explain why someone else dies and they don't.

There are times when I wish the fundies and the atheists and most of the other card carrying agitation groups would just back up, take a deep breath and shut the fuck up.

The 9/11 museum is a PRIVATE museum leasing public land from the Port Authority. And this cross is part of the planned displays for the museum. The American Atheists have sued once and lost and are suing again to block the display.

At what point do we say come on, lets just back up a little. It’s a private group paying the bills and collecting the entrance fees. Not every cross is an infringement on the separation of church and state. How many private groups are paying rent to government groups for the use of lane or buildings. When do we say just relax a little and think this through again?

It was absolutist hatred that brought those towers down. We need less of this right now, not more.