Monday, March 3, 2014

JESUS _______________ FILL IN THE BLANK

You know if I wasn't so fond of the Brigid icon I found on the net I must just borrow this one for awhile.

The right wing nut idiocy fest continues. This is the latest from Rep. Steve King of Iowa; and grandma I am so grateful you ended up in Oregon.

For starters I'm not even sure that "instantiate" is a word much less what it means. Mr. King appears to be almost as inarticulate as say, Sarah Palin and that says a lot. Or a little I'm not sure which.

Back to King's rambling speech. The president may have a lot of responsibilities. However spreading the Good Word to the benighted heathens in Latin America is not one of them. In case he's never noticed the majority of the folks south of the border is Christians. Catholics in fact.

As for the "virtues" that were a large part of the baggage ol' Chris brought over when he "discovered" a world that had already been discovered, thank you very much; I'll take a pass on the war, famine, pestilence, death, slavery and genocide.

As for the crocodile tears over the casualty count in Venezuela? The death of any human being of any political persuasion or none at all is a tragedy. But a dozen? Would barely scratch the surface of the toll in human misery in that part of the world bought and paid for by our tax dollars and labeled made in the USA.

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