Sunday, March 2, 2014


Interesting article on the net earlier in the week. The fundies are not only losing the war against equality but they're losing the young people big time. They're not only losing their support for discrimination they're just losing them. Period. 

The so called Millennial generation is the age group 18-33. Which covers all of my nephews actually. I don't their views on gay marriage. I suspect that the Portland group is probably more open that some of the Eastern Oregon contingent. God, they are a bunch of rednecks over there. And I do suspect that this is NOT a subject that will be discussed with my new brother in law. That's as may be.

I do know the megas, and there are mega churches in the Portland area, haven't attracted Colleen's kids, Or as Jon put it "I don't want to go to a church that's so big the pastor doesn't know who I am without a name tag. And then he wouldn't know ME anyway." Wise young man.

Anyway, there's the numbers and an foundation for fundie desperation. They're losing and they know it. So they try to enshrine discrimination by passing their so called "religious freedom" laws. Which are losing support by the way.

Guys, yoo hoo over here. A law passed today can be repealed tomorrow. You're being timed out,. Learn to live with it.

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