Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Found this on a FB link about a teensey, weensy snafu at an Oklahoma TV station. Somehow the fifteen seconds referring to human evolution in the first new Cosmos episode went missing. Supposedly through human error, that fifteen seconds about human evolution, got blipped out by a news promo. Yeah right. I really believe that happened.

Anyway the comment section on FB was, shall we day, illuminating. And more than a few of those comment were staggering in their profound stupidity. Yeah, that's kind of rude. I’m tired of playing nice in the sand box with the willfully ignorant. Don't you just love the folks that dis science? They can't write a readable sentence, They can't spell. It's obvious they have no idea how science is done. But, they're right willing to tell the rest of us we don't know what we're talking about. Here's one of the more coherent ones. 


The evolutionists claim that man came from apes, & have collected fossil “evidence,” to prove it, right? Wrong! The fossil evidence that they have are either man or ape, not an intermediate species.There is no common ancestor of both man & ape (missing link).”

I'm tempted to do an entry one of these days on just how hard it is to end up as a fossil. Not only to become fossilized but to have that fossil survive and then be found by somebody who knows what he/she is looking at. Oh well, that's for another time. 

Well, gee. You won’t find the evidence because that’s not what happened. There is a common ancestor. One branch led to gorillas, another to chimps, another to gibbons and another to us. Which led to this charming graphic.

Earth to whoever came up with this. There never have been millions of apes. And until very recently, when agriculture was invented, there weren’t millions of us, either. As for the ones in the middle? Where are all those early humans? 

Well, they’re dead. Over time they were replaced by other humans that were a little bit smarter, a little bit faster and maybe, just a little bit meaner. But there is some compelling evidence that there was some interbreeding between Neanderthal and what we call modern humans. Scientists have been able to sequence Neanderthal DNA. Some modern human populations carry Neanderthal genes. 

You know the real kicker? All those now extinct humans, including the Neanderthals,  lived on earth longer than Homo (pseudo)  Sapiens. There seems to be crucial difference between us and our mostly long gone ancestors. 

We have the capability to destroy not only our cousins the trees and every other living thing on this planet, but ourselves as well. Now, that’s something to be (not) proud of. 

Oddly enough that particular entry allowed individuals to comment but didn't allow us to comment on other comments. Too bad. I'd have loved to give this guy an answer. 

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