Saturday, March 15, 2014


Personal observations on the so called “pro” life movement or as I prefer to call some of them; fetus worshipers. Actually more like zygote worshipers. Once that fertilized egg implants it's on its own. 

Unless you’re willing to ensure that not only the mother but both parents have access to medical care, adequate food, housing and a job or jobs that allow a reasonable standard of living. I’m not talking luxury here, folks. A roof that doesn’t leak. No extra multilegged tenants. Fairly unfucked up food. Clean water and not too many drafts around the windows and doors.

And work to build a planet fit to bring a child into. Throw away those war drums. Read a damn history book. Russia was an empire while we were still arguing with the Brits over taxes. Some Russians and some Ukrainians hate each others guts. It’s been that way for decades if not centuries. The last time that part of the world ran it's own affairs was over a thousand years ago when first Novgorod and then Kiev were the centers for what became the southern branch of the Rus. That went south a long time ago and the area has been ruled by or paid tribute to everyone from the Mongols, to the Lithuanians, the Poles and finally Imperial Russia and the USSR. They’re going to have to work it out for themselves Unfortunately both sides probably have access to nukes. God/dess help us.

Stop carving the tops off mountains to get at the coal and dumping the waste into somebody else’s drinking water. While we’re at it quit using fresh water to frack for oil and natural gas that will be sold overseas. Quit trying to turn large parts of this country into what amounts to a world sacrifice zone. As in Peabody and the Koch’s get their profits. Asia gets the energy and the primary pollution. We get what rides the jet stream and the shaft.

So, unless you’re willing to build a world FIT for humans, all humans to live in admit to yourselves and the rest of us that this has nothing to do with life and everything to do with control. Your control of access to food, water, medical care, the vote; everything our ancestors fought for. And it looks like we'll have to fight for it all over again.

What? Did you think you were the only ones who might start thinking it just might be time for another American Revolution?   

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flask said...

and if that fetus grows up a criminal, let's have death penalty!

because life is only sacred while it's a fetus.

goes back to that thing about making life fit for humans.

or that thing about the right-to-life debate being more about right-to-control-other-people's-bodies.

take your pick.