Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Well, World Vision caved. With threats to pull donations the organization backed down on hiring employees in gay marriages. I wonder how many people who were "threatening" to pull their donations actually donated money to World Vision in the first place. How many of us might have been willing to pick up the slack. They could have at least waited to see if the threats were real. Instead they caved in. Didn't even take forty eight hours. If our ancestors had been that spineless Christianity would never have gotten off the ground. Who knows. It might have been for the best.

The comments on the blog entry were predictable. Quoting scripture. The same five or six verse sets over and over and over. When more liberal commenters gave alternate opinions those comments slid off like water off the duck.

One of these days it's finally going to sink in. They can quote scripture until they're blue in the face and their fingers cramp over the keyboards. It won't do you any good because a lot of us simply don't give a damn what you say. We don't share your beliefs. We don't believe that the Bible has to be taken literally. We don't believe that scripture doesn't have mistakes and we refuse to be bound by something that was written nearly two thousand years ago.

I don't even bother to answer those comments anymore. It just encourages them. Maybe when their share of the population falls to next to nothing it might just start to sink in. But, I doubt it. They'll just claim they're being persecuted. That quote from Tacitus that I've put in the sidebar is painfully appropriate. World Vision will be forgiven their lapse from grace. The fundies will be happy. "They make a desolation and call it peace."

I'm tired.

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