Thursday, March 27, 2014


Benjamin Corey at FormerlyFundie has a wicked take on World Vision's advance to the rear on allowing gays in marriages to work for them. Great post Benjamin.

And out of the mouths of babes. Or cartoonist David Hayward. So dad? What do you tell your kid?

I have to wonder if the change in employment policy caught the organization itself by surprise. I mean, with a good media blitz World Vision could probably have made up the possible losses of support. Instead they chose to cave in to what amounted to a bullying blitz.

Why am I surprised? The intolerant side of Christianity has been using bullying successfully for centuries. Once Christianity was legalized during the reign of Constantine there are stories of mobs of monks destroying pagan temples in the Eastern empire. Hell, different sects used the same tactics on each other. So why should it be different now? And it won't change until we force the change.

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