Saturday, March 29, 2014


Some folks have really selective definitions of what is moral and what isn't. 
Our moral wall is weakening
I applaud the courage of Janetta Overholser (letters, March 24) in condemning the appalling laxity of today’s morality. It reminds me of a stone wall undermined by creeping damp. Each loosened stone represents a weakness in our moral structure — i.e., young persons living together sans marriage, midterm abortions and more. First one crumbling stone weakens the whole, then another, until the wall collapses. What once shocked is now the norm.
Not only the participants in such moral degradation are affected, but entire families. Parents and grandparents feel bewildered and somehow violated when what passes for morality intrudes on their standards. They question how far parental love and support can stretch when egregious damp loosens the stones of their belief structure.
And our laws seem to only encourage destructive behaviors. For shame!

Author's name withheld in the interests of avoiding their embarrassment 
Letter in the local paper (Eugene Register Guard) this morning, I left out the author’s name. Wouldn’t want to embarrass her.

I also have some worries about weakening morality. My triggers are a hell of lot different from this authors.

Did he/she oppose the voluntary wars in Afghanistan and Iraq? How many children born or unborn were sacrificed on the alter of American Exceptionalism as we claimed the right to remake the regimes in the Middle East.

Does the author believe that we need to do “something” “anything” about the Crimea and the Ukraine? Does he or she realize that Crimea had belonged to Russia for about two centuries before Khrushchev transferred sovereignty to the Ukraine in the 50’s. Pretty much on his own initiative and with little or no explanation. That Ruthenian/Ukrainian independence can be measured in decades? And damn few of those at that. If we’re going to revive the Cold War I expect their children or grandchildren to be first in line to join up for the fighting. Riiiiiiiiiight.

Does the author shed the same crocodile tears over families that need adequate food, clothing, housing, jobs so they can raise and educate their children? Does she give a damn about the mothers to be that don’t have access to any or all of the above. Oh, but I forgot. Before you start your family you’re supposed to consult your crystal ball first. If you find out things won’t go well, then you don’t get married or have kids. And if it goes bad after you have the kids. Well, you should have known that was coming, now shouldn’t you? And you are on your own.

Whose fault is the rape culture that objectifies women and tells our moms, sisters, daughters, nieces that if you only ____________ you wouldn’t have been ________. Give me a freakin’ break.

Is there the same concern for moral weakness as we rape the natural world? We cut down the last of the rainforests and rip out the lungs of the planet what in hell do they think is going to happen. We keep dumping fertilizers, oil, fuel oil, coal waste and other poisons into our rivers and oceans what kind of life is there going to be for the zygotes they’re so worried about? Are there crocodile tears shed when rights to freshwater in drought areas are traded to energy companies to use for fracking? I suspect not.

We can’t eat money and we can’t drink oil. Somebody needs to get their head screwed on straight. 

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