Sunday, June 1, 2014


Frankly, I'm almost speechless. I'm not really up on ALL the presidents, but I do know that Ben of the Almanac, lightning rod, stove and constitution fame was NOT one of them. He would have had a hard time getting elected since he died during George Washington's first term.

Ironically I'm much better at the kings and queens of England than I am on the presidents. It could be because I'm a history nut. It could also be that at approximately thirty seven, there have been fewer rulers of England between 1066 and now than there have been presidents of the US since 1789.

Headline yesterday that Herman Cain is considering another run if God gives him the good word. Bachmann, Palin, Cain, Perry et al. The blogging gifts that keep on giving.

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Lisa :-] said...

Hard to believe that the GOP has nothing better to offer than the same idiots that helped get Barack Obama elected for two terms. Hey...let them go. I'm up for Hillary having an easy time of it...