Sunday, June 8, 2014


I'm discovering a whole untapped set of fantastic quotes from the late Carl Sagan. I only wish that I had discovered this quote and made this marvelous graphic.

It's easy to be peaceful when there's nobody to fight with. Yes, our intentions were good. But, we all know which road is paved with good intentions.

Actually Neil Tyson brought up something interesting in last week's episode of the new Cosmos. Yeah, we were heading to the moon to beat the Russians. But those big Saturn booster rockets carried a dual message. The unspoken message was "look at the lunar payload and imagine WHAT ELSE we could put up there that's targeted just a little closer to home. Say Moscow or Beijing." I don't now how many nuclear warheads we have in storage now. Back when the original Cosmos was aired the combined inventory was in the neighborhood of between fifty and sixty thousand. That's not tens. That's not hundreds. That's thousands. Enough destruction to blast the world to hell in the length of an afternoon.

And when I listen to the Chickenhawks still littering the landscape I'm not sure we've learned anything since then. 

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