Saturday, June 7, 2014


For some peculiar reason fundies like to show up on science/tech oriented thread and start evangelizing. Some of the commenters ignore them. Some laugh at them. Some are a little rude. Global warming, Jesus loves you. Take a science program like Cosmos. If Tyson isn't actually proselytizing he's anti religion. It gets really old after awhile. Especially when they hint they have kids that' they're bringing up in the Old Time Religion it gets old really, really fast.

Let’s face it coming up, so to speak, to a group of half way well educated science geeks and starting out with “the Bible says so,’ spiel probably isn’t going to go over very well anyway. Proving you have absolutely, and I do mean absolutely, no understanding of the science you’re attacking is not going to win you any friends or influence anyone else either. Fish don’t turn into humans. Monkeys don’t turn into humans. Gorillas don’t turn into humans. Humans become humans, in one form or another, for a several million years.

And then when we follow the link to your page just might find you accusing those who don’t agree with of laughing at you. No, most of us aren’t laughing at you. We may just feel a little sorry for you the same way we’d consider someone who is tone deaf or color blind. There’s a whole wonderful universe out there and it seems that you can’t see or hear it.

There just isn’t room in your vision of the universe for this. Sapphires, rubies, topaz, amber and diamonds tossed on a blanket of black velvet. Ten thousand galaxies in a tiny slice of sky; thousands, millions, tens of millions of light years back in time. Awesome, a little scary, but awesome. And thank you Hubble telescope for your years of service.

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