Saturday, June 21, 2014


And we wonder why the country is going to hell in a handbasket. A sampling of the “most popular” stories on the Huffington Post sidebar. And to be honest I did look up information on stopping the earth's rotation. I hadn't stopped to think about the atmosphere not stopping. Would put the world's worst hurricanes in the shade.

Glee star surprises Hillary Clinton at book signing.

Taylor Swift wears short shorts in the city.

THIS is what you wear to become queen. (Actually you are now queen of Spain because your father in law realized he’d lost the support of the country and had the rare good sense to step aside. You’d still be queen if you were wearing burlap and flour sacks.)

Real life Diagon Alley is a Harry Potter nerd’s dream come true.

And this must be mistake because it’s actually relevant and newsworthy. Scott Walker blasts “partisan DA” over probe.

Semi relevant. Learn how this couple explained their bisexual open relationship to their children.

YIKES: Here’s what would happen if the earth suddenly stopped spinning. (Hint the Mediterranean would end up somewhere beyond the Indian Ocean, the Pacific coast would be gone and since the atmosphere would still be moving at 1100 miles per hour everything on the surface from the oceans to your house would be blown away. The best argument for the sun not stopping above Jericho.)

Watch: Bravest guy in the whole wide world wears Mentos suit, drops into tank of Diet Coke. I have no idea who or what a Mentos suit looks like and who makes them. I don't drink Diet Coke but it sounds like a waste of time, energy and ingredients.

Millions of people make this mistake every day.

5 things you never knew about Steven Spielberg’s Jaws. Honest here. I've never seen the whole movie. I did know that their electronic shark leaked a bit, the power caused the oxygen and hydrogen to separate and the "shark" started coming up tail first instead of head first. (the gas got trapped in the end of the fish)

The reason Game of Thrones left out that one big thing.

11 cats who loath weddings and aren’t afraid to show it.

And so on. Oh, and Michelle Bachmann believes Hillary should be disqualified from running for president. And, Ted Cruz blames the president for the wave of kids crossing the border, unaccompanied by adults, promptly picked up by the Border Patrol and stuffed into warehouse type conditions.

Oh, and Tiger Woods is back on the golf course and Kim Kardashian wants to stay on TV forever.
Oh be still my beating heart I simply couldn’t exist if I didn’t know about these things.

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