Monday, September 5, 2016


I haven't been posting much this year. Some health issues were part of it. But, frankly when it comes to politics this year, I'm exhausted and how many times can you repeat that the Republican candidate is ___________________________________ and facing a trial for fraud, Fill in the blanks with expletives of your choice. LOL

So, what do I do. Well I could write about the books I'm either reading or trying to read. I could post cute pictures of other people's cats. LOL It's labor day and I'm feeling a whole lot of labor history coming on.

I could spend a heck of lot less time on FB looking at pictures of rescued cats and the world's worst toupee. If Trump wins I'm NOT moving to Canada but I may spend a lot time writing about herbs and sustainable gardening. 

Seriously, fill in that big blank up there and ask yourself how in name of all that''s holy and some that aren't how this man ended up being a presidential candidate. Almost makes you believe in a vengeful God punishing America for its sins. Almost. 

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