Tuesday, September 13, 2016


The dog ate my homework. Actually the computer "ate" my notes and rough draft. I thought I saved it. I did save it. But, its somewhere out in lah lah the cybernetic void.

I would ask if the family had magazines and/or newspapers in the house when they were kids. And what publications were they. Were there books in the house? On a logger's pay my folks slowly filled a six foot, three shelf book case with National Geographics, Reader's Digest condensed books and a set of World Books encyclopedia my grandparents passed on to us. Grandma and grandpa khad a big bookcase too. The books I remember were books about India and the Far East. My great aunt was a missionary in India for years. I didn't realize until much later how rare we were until years later.

And then I'd ask if their folks voted regularly or just showed up every four years. When I turned twenty one I didn't get my first legal drink I got a free ride down to the office where they handled voter registrations. Dad grew up in a farming town and he loved to tell us about the ceremony of opening the polls on election day. And a little ceremony to close the polls at when it was time.

If I could get away with it I'd ask him or her what faith they held. Presumably Christian but what flavor? And just as important which version of the Bible did they use. You can tell a lot by which translation they favor. Evangelicals favor the New International Versions. Many older main line Protestants rely on the Revised Standard Version. Don't even mention the New Jerusalem Bible. The Catholics produced that one. And don't even go into whether the King James version is the best English language version ever produced. I've got one. Haven't read it in years.

How do they view other religions or even other denominations of Christians? Is it my way or the highway? And what will happen to those they don't respect if they ever gain the power to force the rest of us to walk their path. There are some really scary folks out there. Especially since Trump announced at Values Voter Summit that he looked forward to the time when his fellow citizens were united under "One nation, One God, One Flag." That's very reminiscent of the Nazi "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fhurer.

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