Friday, September 9, 2016


The misbegotten joke of a Republican candidate made a policy speech on education yesterday, All we need is more vouchers and charter schools. Of course those actions would gut, according to the article, up to thirty percent of our public schools. 

When the public schools are gutted what happens to the rest of us who can't afford private schools or charter schools even with vouchers? At that point we'll be little better than most third world countries. What's next? Take a page from the death squads and dictators in Central and South America? Hunt down anyone who dares to teach the least among us to read, write and think? 

With apologies to the X-Files Trump is pond scum with a moral dipstick that's about two drops short of bone dry. Actually, referring to the X-Files. Who needs aliens when we're doing such a good job all on our own. .

Actually I can really understand why he's touting private schools. After all it worked so well for him. (sarcasm deliberate; very, very deliberate).

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