Monday, September 12, 2016


If I could build a set of poll questions for Trump supporters it might include the following.

What is your ethnic background? I don't mean are you white? I mean what do you know about your ancestors? When did they get here? Where did they settle? I'm Scots/Irish, English and German with a touch of Welsh tossed into the mix. The majority of my colonial ancestors settled in New England and Connecticut. One line from Virginia. They were Quakers and so was a branch that started out in North Carolina but moved to Indiana as soon as a decent road was built.

There were four major migrations from different parts of Britain at different times. The Puritans, the refugees from the Civil War in the 1640's or younger sons of the gentry who couldn't hope to inherit family land back home, the Quakers and finally the Borderers in northern England and southern Scotland. Most of them were tenants who had filled the raiding parties that went back and forth over the border until England and Scotland were "unified" in the early 1700's.

Four groups. Four definitions of "liberty." Ordered liberty which but the good of the social group before individual rights in much of early New England. A hierarchical society in Virginia and the Tidewater. The gentry were born to rule and heaven help the rest of you.. Reciprocal liberty for most of the Quakers. As long as no laws were broken; you keep your nose out of my business and I'll do the same. Now we come to the last. The Borderers. I guess it was a take on the warrior's creed. Personal honor above all and heaven help anyone who was perceived to impugn it. Duels come out of that belief and Andy Jackson wasn't the only duelist in our history. And a belief that my rights as an individual are paramount. You must respect my rights and I'll respect yours when or if I feel like it. Sound familiar?

I believe I'll break this into several parts.

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