Sunday, April 13, 2008


This entry isn't going to be terribly eloquent or even very coherent. I'm blissfully tired.

A couple of years ago, we did this in the back yard on the north side. Frankly I don't know where those huge pier blocks came from. I think they were there when we bought the place.

Some grasses, some rushes, a flax and the silvery shrubs were santolina. The santolina never really did work out. If you don't keep trimming them they get all floppy and while I don't mind trimming things to keep them neat, this stuff doesn't look like much when it is trimmed.  

In transition. Got rid of the big concrete blocks left over from the big deck. Things had gotten pretty messy by this spring. So,

phase one the make over. We either pulled or moved everything, put in the preliminary path and the rock border. I put in about four hours this weekend. When we first started out about a month ago I could do about two hours and be flat for the rest of the weekend, so every weekend it gets better. I've basically been bopping around all weekend. I'll get some more pictures this week. Right now the bed has the big New Zealand flax and a row of bell flowers. I'm thinking alyssum (white) behind the border and we have a truck load (almost) of land scape strawberries that need new homes. They'll do until we have time (and spare change) to put in some different ground covers around the stepping stones. The other plants will hold in pots until this weekend when I can finish and get them back in the ground.

It hit eighty plus Saturdy. Warmest it's been in six months and it lasted exactly one day. But, considering that it's mid April, the yard is looking pretty good. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works out as we go. I'd have taken more shots of the work in progress, but frankly I was too pooped. LOL

Mom got her white candy tuft in this afternoon. The plan was to put them along the path as a border. The four plants apparently had their own ideas and only looked happy when they were in a semi circle. Who's running this garden anyway? That leaves room for a pink andromeda that is NOT HAPPY where it is by the house. I think it't too wet for it so with luck it will be happier with more sun and drier "feet."

More from the plant wars later.


tenyearnap said...

I like those round path stones. Everything looks great. We are finally playing garden here, too. Yay! --Cin

dsonney01 said...

Garden envy! Going get in mine and do some serious beautification! Love the walk! I have square pavers (cheaper, that' me).  All plants that come to my garden are scared- they heard about the ground squirrels. Dannelle