Sunday, April 27, 2008


The red tulips out front are almost bloomed out while these little white ones are just coming on. They came as a set with the grape hyacinths. With luck the hyacinths will still be blooming while a few of the white comes come on.

The stepping stones are in. The rosemary is in the center of the paths. Brought around the parsley and winter savory that made it through the winter. The savory is behind the rosemary and with luck there will be a very pretty red cone flower blooming between the savory and the grass in the back. We need to pick up some basil, oregano and a couple of thymes to go with the golden steppable thyme in the background. It didn't want to plant that one until I got the others in. Poor thing might get squished.

The Japanese rushes, and the Boulder Blue fescue added to the flax. There's another little variegated grass but I don't remember the name. We have some primroses, too but I don't want to plant them until I have the herbs.Then we'll put down the soaker hoses and bark this section to hold in the moisture.

Next  step, the garden section. I see a shovel in the tea leaves. Lucky for me, part of that garden plot just needs to be spaded. Actually things are looking pretty good for this time of year. It's not even May yet.

And May means the primary election here in Oregon. Suddenly we are very popular. We have vote by mail, I'll worry about it when the time comes until then I'll try to avoid throwing things at the set when the political ads come on. Or when the Current Occupant shows up on the tube speculating on how our "stimulus" checks will be spent. And since he never anwers questions nobody gets to ask him how borrowing money to throw at our problems is supposed to help. I'd better not get started. :-P


tenyearnap said...

Oh those stimulus checks...yeah, don't get me ranting like I was doing yesterday. How stupid do they think we are anyway? I have lost all faith in this country being able to pull itself out of decline. Watching the Clinton-Obama follies doesn't help any either. Depressing...but at least you will have a gorgeous place to sit and relax this summer. Looks like a wonderful place to escape the world. --Cin

toonguykc said...

My stimulus check has been spent and it's not even here yet!  Mission accomplished??