Sunday, April 20, 2008


In spite of the crappy weather we managed to make some progress in the back yard this week end. Very little has ever been done with this piece of the yard, so anything is an improvement.

The curbbing is in and the last stepping stones sort of where they'll be. I'm planning to continue the path, so it will probably need some tweeking.

The plans for the stones in the flower bed started out as a circle, morphed to tight cross and just didn't look happy. Opted for a looser plan. They'll act as an informal border to each bed. This will house the plantings for kitchen herbs and maybe some dwarf sunflowers. At least for this year. We'll see what the yard has to tell us when we get that far. Oh, and I have a very nice Tuscan rosemary that will go in the center of the stones. The grass in the back is going to be moved closer to the pavers.

Somebody painted that retaining wall red once upon a time. I think we'll plant some more ivy along the wall, being careful to confine it to the wall. Anything to cool off all that lovely concrete during high summer.

View looking north off the back deck. Ah mud, lovely mud. They're as level as I could get them this morning. I have only so much love for mud pies and thirty degree temperatures.

At least the heavy stuff is done. Once we get the rosemary plant in the center we can get postioning finalized. The green, snowy clumps are blue bell flowers. If we can find the plants mom would like to alternate them with chamomile and alyssum. The alyssum can be white or purple and Roman chamomile looks like tiny daisies; looking forward to it.

And it's freaking hailing........again.


tenyearnap said...

Oh yes...a big rosemary is going ot look great in the middle of those stones. And the kitchen creations will be wonderful, too.
Nice job! --Cin

mlraminiak said...

Man, you guys are getting hammered with the weather down there.  It's cold here, but we haven't had precipitation of any great consequence today.  We were outside for awhile--Matt was fiddling with the hot tub, and I was limbing up my "free" poplar trees.  They look a little spindly now, but I'm hoping the pruning will cause them to put their energy into growing UP instead of sideways.  I wanted to do some plant shopping this weekend, but it was too freakin' COLD!  Lisa  :-]

mleighin21st said...

This looks like good bones for the plantings.  The rosemany will make an excellent centerpiece for your kitchen garden there.  Sorry you've got the crappyu apring weather, it's finally been very nice here.  but we can't rule out the "s"word quite yet.
                                                Smiles,  Leigh