Saturday, April 16, 2011


There are small groups of believers who identify themselves as Christians and Pagans. The folks I’ve run across tend to be non theistic Quakers who follow the silent meditation/wait for inner inspiration tradition of worship.

And if that inner spirit leads them just as often to Brighid, Hern the Hunter or the Green Man as it does to Jesus, well so be it. If the spirit leads them to a drum circle instead of a Bible study, there must be something they need to learn from it. If the spirit that guards your path into the Otherworld shows up looking like a fox instead of Saint Michael there’s probably a reason. And the whispering you hear under the oak might be the wind rustling the leaves. Or it just might be a prayer. And even if I didn’t spend time as an oak centuries ago, their souls and my soul touch and intertwine.

As you can imagine this is going over really well in fundagelical circles. Ah, for the power to coerce, those were the days.

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