Tuesday, April 5, 2011


It's not that much warmer,but we're adding a few more minutes of daylight every day. Some things are really beginning to pop; besides the weeds. They make it through anything. The lupins we transplanted into the front are up and growing like crazy. The day lilies are a little taller every day. Now, if we could just get three or four days of NO rain; maybe I could get the garden spots spaded; get that clover I planted last fall turned under so it can do some good. Get that dirt starting to warm up.

At least the treatment and therapy mom had last year is still holding and she can get out and get in the dirt. She's much happier with a little dirt under her finger nails.

I think, hope, the whitle lilac I got mom for Mother's Day three years ago will finally bloom. I know it's white, it had blooms on it when we bought it. Didn't find out until the next year, when it DIDN'T bloom that the root system has to reach a certain point before it'll bloom after transplanting. And I dug a really nice, big hole for it with plenty of lovely compost. Now they tell me! LOL

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