Sunday, April 17, 2011


On a much more cheerful note. Just watched the Norwegian guy on New Scandinavian cooking turn a quart of extremely fresh cream and about half a pint of sour cream into fresh beautiful butter using a hand mixer. With sheep baaaahing in the background. Critics, what do they know?

Beat it until the butter separates out from the butter milk, add some salt and pack it in a mold. It looked like he got about half a pound. Then they put it on artisan bread fresh out of a wood fired oven. Grainy mustard and Jarlsburg cheese. Yum. Thanks guys, I really needed that.


Lisa :-] said...

When life hands you a lemon....

...make butter! :)

JACKIE said...

He even "helped" with the milking and used a hand operated cream separator to get the cream. Mom was going, "yeah, I've seen one of those."