Saturday, April 16, 2011


Looks like I’m going for a posting record today. When it has to come out it has to come out.

The articles about animal treatment and food contamination intersected with what I’ve been reading and produced a hell of a what if.

Christian mystics and pagan believers teach that our souls stretch out far beyond our physical bodies. And if plants and animals also have souls that also stretch out far beyond their physical bodies; please see earlier entry that referred to Tom Cowan and the souls of flowers. What happens when our souls intersect with the souls of the animals crowded into feedlots, egg producing chickens confined to tiny cages, or poultry raised in huge warehouse style barns never to see the sun or get a chance to chase bugs. I wonder if some of their insanity is bleeding over to us. Also, if their stress hormones are elevated (If? Mine would sure as hell be elevated)what if that carries over to the consumers eating the meat and poultry?

It would go a long way to explain the current state of insanity we see around us.


Lisa :-] said...

Your theory has some merit, I think...

marigolds2 said...

This is a very interesting idea, I need to know more about this theory of our souls (all souls?) extending far beyond our bodies. The souls of plants and animals - and the insanity animal-eaters may be ingesting with their meat and dairy products. I am going back to look for the post you reference here about the souls of flowers.