Thursday, February 21, 2013


A diversion from what I've been writing lately.

Working on School of Assassins again. I may be able to finish it without bouncing it off the walls this time.

Very unpleasant idea this morning. The CIA handled the training of forces like the contras in Central America in the seventies and eighties. And the playbook included kidnapping, torture, targeted assassinations; the more brutal the better. Much of it based on experience in Viet Nam. Now for the unpleasant thoughts. The CIA also trained and backed the forces that opposed the Soviets in Afghanistan. How much overlap in their training and the Latin American training was there? Did they develop separate training programs? Or did they just use the same material for both groups. And how much of that material came back to bite us on the ass one sunny September morning.

Not exactly what I wanted to contemplate over my morning coffee and toast. 

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