Sunday, February 10, 2013


Read Lisa’s newest entry. And it tied into some reading I’m doing. And led to my considering some unpleasant possibilities. In 1977 Oscar Romero was appointed archbishop of El Salvador. Considered a theological conservative whose health wasn't  that good he proceeded to surprise just about everybody. Especially those who counted on his support for the government. Which they didn’t get. Fast forward three years to March 1980 and Romero’s assassination.

It took a little time but the killing was tied to Roberto D’Aubuisson, member of the Salvadoran military and graduate of the School of the Americas. The School of the Americas, with ties to the CIA and the playbook they used in Viet Nam.

The unpleasant thought? Oscar Romero was the Primate of El Salvador. The ranking member of the hierarchy in his country. Would D’Aubuisson and his death squads have dared to take out the archbishop without at least talking it over with their CIA contacts? I doubt it. In fact, in my paranoid little musings, I suspect that they had to get someone from the agency to sign off on the action. Or at least agree to sit in the corner, eyes closed, fingers in ears, humming really, really loud.

And that, was a bit of a heart stopper folks. And for starters freedom are the sounds of happy kids who know that they can go to bed at night and wake up in that bed in the morning, not a refugee camp or a mountain trail trying to escape from death squads. 

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