Sunday, February 3, 2013


It's the beginning of Spring in the Celtic calendar. Imbolc, they call it. Also Brigid's Day. Brigid, Brighid, Brigantia. A curious, in a way triple goddess. Three goddesses, all named Brigid. The patron of creativity; smithcraft, poetry, fertility. In fact she blesses almost every thing we can do.

Found on the net. The picture too. 


Blessings of the growing light
Blessings of the quickening earth
Blessings of the morning chorus
Blessings of the first shy flowers
Blessings of Nature waking
Blessings of Maiden singing
Briganti’s fire light your path
Briganti’s blessings on your hearth

The hearth was central to the Irish home. It warms the home, cooks the meals, provides light when the darkness falls. Especially in the darkness of winter. But, this is the time of growing light as the sun rises higher and higher in the sky. 

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