Monday, February 4, 2013


This is not a complete list of what's been torquing me lately, but it'll do to be getting on with. Catching up with blogs on the Creation Spirit website sort of brought this on. One blogger who spent a great deal of time and energy looking up material to refute the claims of certain ultra right wing spokesman. I've quite trying to find chinks in the armor of most of these "true" believers. You can patiently cite scripture and other teachers and hope for acceptance. Don't hold your breath because the approval or at least acceptance will never happen. So here goes. 

After checking out some of the nutcases highlighted on Face book OR that I’ve run across accidentally researching other topics or people I've had a revelation or two.

I’m not asking for anyone’s permission to believe. Especially the self appointed, barely educated “guardians’ at the gates. The ones who label anyone who deviates from their own narrow interpretations. You've probably run across them at one time or another. Most of the ones I’ve read haven’t been to a seminary or theological school but they’re at the front of the line when it comes to branding others as heretics and/or apostates.

As a Quaker on the Christian side of my personal Spiral Dance,  I claim the right of Soul Freedom to follow where I believe the spirit is leading me. I’ll take my place at the Creator’s table in my own right; not on the sufferance of others. And I’ll accord others the same right.

But, I also claim the right to disagree when claims fly in the face of science and reason. Especially when those claims can’t be backed up with research. I will not accept the “I’ve heard some scientists say”.” Or I’ve heard that there is research that claims.” Heaven knows we heard enough of that BS during the last election.  

Others are free to believe in Intelligent Design for example. Don’t expect me to support it being taught in public schools on the taxpayers’ dime. Especially in the name of “fairness.” Science doesn’t work that way.

Spokesman are free to claim that Christians are being persecuted. News flash, disagreement is not persecution. The billboards some atheist groups have been putting up may be tacky but there’s that pesky first amendment again.

In the meantime have any ministers been arrested in the middle of the night? Have any been shot on their way to a prayer meeting? Is anyone monitoring your home Bible study group? Have any Christian radio or TV stations been bombed lately? Have the Christian oriented publishing houses been shut down? Any churches been turned into barracks, storehouses or been bombed lately? I didn’t think so. And may you never discover what real persecution is.

And finally. When certain spokesmen talk about taking the country back for the “Lord” and “true” conservatism; here’s a little something to chew on. This country isn’t yours to take. And the rest of us aren’t going to just step politely out of the way because it isn’t ours to give up.

Well, that's off my chest. Time to close the book on this and move on. 

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