Saturday, February 23, 2013


I was the sun, warm rays piercing the clouds to the sea.
I was the sea, mists rising to join the clouds.
I was the clouds riding the winds to rise above the coastal mountains.
I was the mountains, clouds cooling to drop their rain on my cliffs.
I was the cliffs, trees clinging to the crags and bluffs.
I was the trees, catching the rain dripping into the earth below.
I was the fallen rain, caught in the moss and fallen leaves.
I was the moss, catching the rain, letting it work into the soil
I was the soil, water full, drops working  down, into the foundations of the mountain.
I was the foundation, water seeping, pooling, feeding the deep springs.
I was the deep springs feeding the pools under the trees.
I was the pools, home to little streams bubbling over the rocks fallen from the cliffs.
I was the little streams, rushing to join the great river as it rushes to the salt marshes.
I was the salt marsh, feeding my water back into the sea.
I am the sea, sun warmed, giving up the mists to the sky.

Find a comfortable place to sit. Go back and forth. I was. I am. I will be. Feel it. Be it. 

Picture from the net but the words (for better or worse) are mine.

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