Friday, February 1, 2013


Picture by Angela Babby enrolled member of the Pine Ridge reservation.

“I have often said that God is creating this entire universe fully and totally in this present now. Everything God created six thousand years ago – and even previous to that – as he made the world, god creates now. All at once.” Meister Eckhart.

Eckhart’s patch of ground in what became Germany lies in the path the Irish monks took as they traveled across Europe. From Ireland to south coast of Italy they carried the Celtic way of seeing through Europe. A way of seeing radically different from the dominant mythology that God created in a one off act. Creation as a one time event, end of story.

Celtic spirituality appears to teach that Creation is not only a continuous act of Creation and renewal, but that if this were to stop the created universe, all of it, would cease to exist.

I wish I could find the picture on Astronomy Picture of the Day again. It was a Hubble photo of an expanding supernova remnant. As the gases expanded they created bow shaped shock waves around stars and pockets of gases. Pockets of gasses that may create new stars. Creation. Worlds without end. Amen. I’ll keep looking until then. A Native American artist has captured a wonderful image of Mother Earth. 

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