Sunday, January 19, 2014


Thank you SCOTUS for opening the doors to this piece of off the wall idiocy. I know you said that corporations were persons for the purpose of campaign contributions. But, really you should have seen this coming. 

Well, some folks in Arizonahave really come up with a corker this time. Seriously folks. take the time to read this article. It's a real jaw dropper. 
Sincerely held religious beliefs can cover a lot of ground. The Aztecs had a sincerely held religious belief that the only way the sun would appear in the morning was with a steady diet of blood from human sacrifices.

The ancient Maya appear to have had the sincerely held religious belief that when the rains didn’t come it was time to toss a virgin into a sacred well in the hopes of appeasing the Gods so the rains would return.

Julius Caesar claimed the Celts of Gaul practiced human sacrifice as well. Although we aren’t really sure if they did or if the claims were part of  a propaganda campaign to drum up support back in Rome so that “I came, I saw” didn’t end up with “I crapped out instead I conquered.”

Thanks to missionaries from  this country some governments in Africa are passing laws upheld by their “sincerely held religious beliefs” that would imprison gays just for being gay. I guess that’s an improvement over being legally murdered by your own government-see Uganda.

There have been stories surfacing about managers or business owners pressuring employees to participate in off the clock Bible studies as well as bakeries and photographers that refuse to provide services for same sex weddings. Courtesy of their "sincerely held religious beliefs." 

One of the supporters of this nonsense is up front that this an attempt to remove perceived roadblocks to evangelization efforts. You know I’m getting really intolerant in my impending years as an official curmudgeon.

“Yo, Spam for brains.” I was raised Methodist. I’m currently Quaker/I’m working on the rest. I’ve heard the arguments. They aren’t the only arguments out there.Check out John Crossan, Marcus Borg, Jim Wallis, Matt Fox, Eckhart, Hildgard, Julian of Norwich just for starters. That might give you the hint that I do not share your beliefs, I do not plan on sharing your beliefs. Given the opportunity I will tell you where to put those beliefs. If you’re lucky I just might remember to be reasonably polite about it, but there are no guarantees.

Now, those are MY sincerely held religious beliefs. Is there room in your tiny, weird, little universe for that? I didn’t think so. 

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