Thursday, January 23, 2014


The far righties strike again. This time it’s the old “wives shouldvoluntarily submit to their husbands” schtick. Then his office tried to dial back. He didn’t really mean what he said, he was referring to his own marriage. Funny that’s not what the quote said to me. And then there's the old military vet who seems to believe that a family should be run like a platoon, but that's another story. 

However it’s this comment that caught my eye. Oh, Lordy, Gordy. This is so wrong on so many levels.

“This is standard Christian thinking, nothing new here. Obedience is the most important Christian virtue—the one from which all others flow. Children are to obey their parents, wives their husbands, and all are to obey the leaders which God has seen fit to place over them—kings, presidents, etc. The first sin was disobedience in eating the apple.”

For starters anyone with this attitude would be hypocritical accepting American citizenship. After all in this guy’s universe God set George III on the throne to rule over Britain and her colonies. We were going against God’s will when the likes of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, George Washington etc. etc. etc. rebelled against the “divine order” of the universe.

And since God saw fit to make sure that president Obama is living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue these days all the undercurrents about impeachment, treason trials etc. are obviously against God’s will.

The “divinely” inspired constitution definitely tolerated slavery so any attempts by slaves or their sympathizers to overthrow the system would be blasphemous.

Women voting, people of color demonstrating for equal rights, all this going against the divinely mandated order of things. Such a no no.

Prime examples? The middle east over the last decade or so. We were wrong to depose Saddam Hussein since he was a God appointed leader. We should butt out of Syria and the Syrian people are going against God’s will when they try to unseat a brutal tyrant.

Good Lord people! Do you ever think these things through? This “God’s will BS”  has been the excuse for tyrants from Nero to Hitler. Give me a freakin’ break. 

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